Position Descriptions


The membership chair oversees efforts to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership in the state.

Overall Responsibilities

  • Establish a membership committee including branch membership chairs to develop and implement state membership activities, support branch recruitment efforts, and recognize branches for growth, retention, diversity, and significant anniversaries
  • Evaluate previous state membership development efforts, assess current membership and state demographics, identify underrepresented groups, provide updates at board meetings, and submit an annual report on the status of statewide membership
  • Recruit national members in the state and encourage them to become branch members
  • Work with the communications team to use social media and other outlets to recruit and retain members
  • Seek out opportunities to promote membership, sponsor membership events, and facilitate membership recruitment at community events/activities
  • Support the formation of branches and satellites in the state and serve as a key resource for branch and student organizers and/or branches that are developing satellites, disbanding, or merging
  • Work with the state and branch C/U chairs to help recruit and retain college/university memberships Responsibilities to Branches
  • Maintain regular contact with branch membership via presidents/membership chairs and support their membership development efforts through motivation, encouragement, regular communication, technical assistance and support, and membership recruitment workshops and training Responsibilities to AAUW
  • Report on state membership statistics and trends as requested
  • Attend and participate in membership and leadership trainings via webinars, workshops, and other opportunities provided by the national office
  • Stay up-to-date on AAUW membership policies and Bylaws