Christine Salmon, President

President Goals

Overarching Goals:

  • Improve the lives of girls and women in Kentucky
  • Increase membership and participation

Focus Goals:

  • Survey Board and Branch members
  • Conduct state board and other meetings
  • Increase statewide engagement and collaboration
  • Increase statewide communication
  • Support advocacy & public policy
  • Increase diversity
  • Tell our story to the wider public
  • Work with national AAUW

Details of Focus Goals:

Survey members (board and branches)

  • I’ll be sending a survey to our board members asking for what they expect and need of me and to our branches presidents and members asking what they expect and need from the state board. I’ll use the results to finalize my president’s goals.

Conduct state board and other meetings

  • We now know that while we all enjoy face-to-face meetings, we can conduct meetings and AAUW business virtually. We have renewed our Zoom license and Zoom is available to all our branches. So, we will use it for at least 2 of the quarterly board meetings and for other state committee meetings as needed.
  • I’d also like to visit each branch in person at least once each year. (Sharon has planned this but a little something put a wrench in that.)
  • I’d like to meet with branches at least once on Zoom as well.

Increase statewide engagement and collaboration

  • Meet our Members – a brief spotlight on our members across the state. This will be on the website and in the newsletter. On social media, we can highlight several members each month. We all have our reasons for joining AAUW and we are all doing wonderful things for AAUW and in oiur lives. We should share that. This will help us get to know women from other branches.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly Zoom get-togethers and programs – again, as a way to encourage participation across branches and as a state. Ideas include highlighting branch events and programs, inviting speakers on issues of interest or public policy updates or workshops (for example, how to make change in our community). More ideas are welcome.

Increase statewide communication

  • We’ll continue with the newsletter
    • thanks Sharon for agreeing to take this on (as well as the secretary position)
  • We’ll also continue with our Facebook page
    • Thanks to Gae for doing this
  • But I also want to do add other social media, like Twitter, Instagram and maybe even TikTok to engage and recruit younger members.
    • We’ll encourage our branches to share hashtags that let us know what they are doing on social media.
  • Continue using the website
    • we need to do a better job of consistent and timely updating (this has been my responsibility and I have not always done as good a job as I should)
    • make it more interactive, perhaps by adding polls, etc.

Support advocacy & public policy

  • Teena does a wonderful job keeping us updates on issues of important policy in Frankfort and Washington. I’d like to see our branches more involved by appointing a representative to serve on a state public policy committee.
  • This committee would work to encourage members to support local, state and national policy by
    • Communicating with policy makers
    • Sharing to branches and other community organizations
  • AAUW should be the first place someone comes with a question about issues of import for women and girls.

Increase diversity

  • We need to do a better job of meeting the needs of our members of color
  • We need to recruit more women of color
  • I’m looking forward to finding someone who can serve as chair of of Diversity anf Inclusion committee to help us with this goal

Tell our story to the wider public

  • We need to publicize the great things we are doing across the state. Each branch offers wonderful programming and support to women and girls in their communities. Just as we share among ourselves, the community at large needs to know.


  • Encourage MMP membership programs
  • Recruit young women
  • Recruit college/university participation – utilize University of Louisville students