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Public Policy & Activism





National Efforts

  • In Congress: H.R.1882 Menstrual Equity For All Act: The bill is only introduced in the House so call or email U.S. House members.
  • RATIFY ERA: Senate Joint Resolution 6 would remove the 1982 deadline for 3/4t of U.S. states to ratify the ERA.
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State Efforts

Contact State Legislators

  • HB 326 – the Fair Maps Act will create a more open and transparent process for redistricting through an advisory commission that would hold public hearings before drawing recommended maps. Call and leave a message to help the bill exit out of committee.
  • SB 72 Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), sponsor Senator Julie Adams. Passed Senate 38-0 and in House Judiciary
  • HB 285 Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), sponsor House Rep. Nancy Tate
  • HB 26 Exempt Feminine Hygiene Products from Sales and Use Taxation. Sponsor Rep. Attica Scott.
  • HB 57 Free Feminine Hygiene Products for Women in Public Post Secondary Schools, sponsor Rep. Attica Scott.
  • HB 109 wages for employment includes banning salary history (i.e., when applying for state government jobs, the employer cannot ask previous salary). Sponsor Rep. Susan Westrom
  • HB183 Human Trafficking (HT) to be felony offense for commercial sexual activity; post airport and truck stop restrooms with National HT number. Sponsored S. Miles
  • HB 296 Calls for Comprehensive Sex Education. Sponsor Rep. Lisa Willner.
  • SB 42 For student ID badges HOTLINES  to have the following HOTLINES on them: domestic assault, sexual assault, suicide prevention. Sponsor Sen. Denise Harper Angel
  • SB 130 sexual orientation /gender identity relates to civil rights and prohibits discrimination due to sexual orientation /gender identity. Sponsor Sen. Morgan McGreevy
  • SB 56  Tobacco products sold to 21 years old for healthier children/teens; Senate Amendments and posted now in House Judiciary Committee. Sponsor Sen. Ralph Alvarado
  • HB 32 puts a tax on e-cigarettes nearly equal to current tax on cigarettes to help prevent use among youths; House floor amendment added and on way to the House Floor. Sponsor Rep. Jerry Miller

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